Alumna Cameron Esposito Gives Fleabag a Shoutout

6 June 2014
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6 June 2014, Comments 0

In a post for the website of the A.V. Club, an entertainment review website and podcast affiliated with The Onion, Fleabag alumna Cameron Esposito recounts her journey through the world of comedy, certainly not forgetting where it all started: My Mother’s Fleabag.  She concludes her post with an invitation for the current members of My Mother’s Fleabag to join her on her journey to the stardom of fellow alumna, Amy Poehler.

“And to the current members of My Mother’s Fleabag, Boston College’s best and only short-form improv group: A decade ago, I was where you are. I’m not Amy Poehler-level yet, because that’s boss level. I’ve got a few more Koopas to get through to get to Bowser. But I have a less-than-shitty apartment; three pairs of really nice, expensive leather boots; and a career in comedy. Come get yours.”

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